Elderly hospital patient

Video FAQ About Aging


In this series of video FAQs, Dr. Aubrey de Grey answers common questions about aging.

Reversing Aging Can the aging process be slowed down or reversed? When did life extension studies first begin? What are "life extension therapies?" What is "rejuvenation therapy?" What is your master plan for extending the human lifespan? Is SENS endorsed by mainstream gerontologists? What is "tissue rejuvenation?" How might stem cells increase my life span? How might organ transplants extend my life? What is "gene therapy?" What types of experiments are necessary to test life extension therapies? Why are mice being used to study rejuvenation technologies? What is "Robust Mouse Rejuvenation" (RMR)? Will life extension therapies be able to reverse the effects of Alzheimer's and Parkinson's? How will life extension therapies affect diseases like cancer? Will people eventually stop dying from old age? Will eternal youth be a reality 50 years from now? Will humans ever achieve immortality?

Courtesy: VideoJug