Project Policy

We try to select a mix of projects that allow us to work toward our long term goals while also providing some tangible results in the short term. Each project is expected to provide frequent updates on progress using methods such as videos, images, audio, and written reports. We believe it is important to show that progress is being made and that money and other resources are being well spent. If you know of a worthwhile project that is not listed in this section, please let us know.

Outreach Projects

Our outreach projects are designed to educate the public about the human aging process and increase public awareness of the efforts to combat aging. Our current outreach projects consist of this website and our presence on various social networks. In the near future, we hope to create college chapters of the CAA and local meetups.

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Marketing Projects

Our marketing projects are designed to attract more people to our cause. Our current marketing projects consist of online advertising, marketing material distribution, and social networking. We are starting our first offline marketing material distribution campaign for business card and flyer distribution beginning in February 2010 in selected cities. If you are interested in volunteering for this campaign, please contact us.

Although our February Awareness Campaign does not officially begin until February 1st 2010, a small amount of work will begin before that. From now until the end of the campaign, you can see our effectiveness on the Campaign Progress page. As you can see, the cities/regions where we will be starting our awareness campaign currently have very little web traffic, so any increase above that small amount can be attributed to the awareness campaign. You can also look at our overall progress at our new Overall Progress Measurements page.

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Research Projects

Our current research project is helping Livly validate a unique approach to curing cancer. We also hope to have more research projects in the near future.

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Projects of Other Organizations

There are other organizations involved in fighting aging which have several projects worth supporting.

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