Boardroom table




Doug Treadwell

Doug is an Electrical Engineering & Computer Science major at UC Berkeley and is interested in applying the methods of computational chemistry to the problem of human aging.

Florin Clapa

Florin has been interested in the movement to defeat aging for several years. He is especially interested in helping organizations that share the goal of defeating aging use more effective fundraising and marketing methods.

Science Advisers

John Schloendorn

John recently completed his PhD degree at Arizona's Biodesign Insititute. While still in school, he volunteered in leading positions for the Methuselah Foundation and SENS Foundation. He continues to consult for SENS Foundation. In 2009, John co-founded Livly to create a friendly environment where he and others can innovate independently.


Nicolai Kilian
Official German Translator

Nicolai is a graduate Computational Linguist living in Switzerland and a co-translator of Niemals Alt!, the German version of Ending Aging by Dr. Aubrey de Grey and Michael Rae. He has been interested for several years in medical therapies designed to remove aging damage from the human body.