Marketing Projects


Our marketing projects are designed to attract more people to our cause. Our current marketing projects consist of online advertising, marketing material distribution, and social networking.

Project Spotlight: Marketing Material Distribution Campaign

We are starting our first offline marketing material distribution campaign for business card and flyer distribution beginning in February 2010 in selected cities. If you are interested in volunteering for this campaign, please contact us.

Current Projects

Project Ideas

  • External links
    • Websites and blogs related to the fight against aging
    • Web directories
      • Open Directory Project
      • Yahoo! Directory
  • Events
    • International "Aging Awareness Day"
  • Offline advertising
    • Bus campaign
    • Public space advertising
      • Billboards
      • Buses
      • Train stations
    • Publicity stunts
  • Online advertising
    • Public service announcements (PSAs)
      • Hulu
      • Vimeo
    • Search engine advertising
      • Bing
      • Google ($10k per month of Google AdWords from Google Grants)
      • Yahoo
  • Online discussions with target communities (e.g., atheist, humanist)
    • Forums
    • Social networks
  • Marketing material distribution
    • Offline distribution
      • Leaflets
      • Video
    • Online distribution
      • Video
        • Vimeo