February Awareness Campaign Progress Measurements



The figures for the Greater Sacramento Area have been designed to exclude visits by one of the CAA founders who lives near that city. The relatively higher traffic from the Sacramento area can likely be attributed to his previous word of mouth advertising. Also note that the February Awareness Campaign does not officially begin until February 1st 2010, but a small amount of work will begin before that. As you can see, the cities/regions where we will be starting our awareness campaign currently have very little web traffic, so any increase above that small amount can be attributed to the awareness campaign. You can also look at our overall progress on our Overall Progress page.

Do you want to help raise awareness in your city/state? Contact us.

Unique Website Visits Per Day, Greater Sacramento Area, California

Unique Website Visits Per Day, Illinois

Unique Website Visits Per Day, British Columbia, CA

Unique Website Visits Per Day, Michigan

Cards Distributed Per Day

Note: This data is manually entered (of course), so if you see a day with no cards distributed after the 1st of February 2010 it probably just hasn't been entered yet.


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