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About Aging


Aging: Humanity's Biggest Problem

Aging is humanity's biggest problem, because it causes the most death and suffering compared to all other causes put together. That includes causes such as starvation, violence, infectious diseases, environmental degradation, accidents—you name it. Aging is also much more likely to cause suffering and death for you personally and most of the people you know more than any other problem. Concerns about the effects of defeating aging are legitimate but do not outweigh the merits of saving so many lives and alleviating so much suffering.

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Aging and How to Defeat It

Aging is caused by the accumulation of damage in the human body. Aging damage eventually leads to age-related disease and ultimately death. Medical therapies designed to repair this damage could restore the body to a youthful and healthy state.

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Strategies to Fight Aging

While most organizations focus on slowing down the aging process, more daring organizations seek to develop therapies that could reverse aging itself. Unfortunately, progress against aging has been slow due to lack of funding.

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FAQ About Aging

This FAQ is designed to answer frequently asked questions about aging.

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Video FAQ About Aging

In a series of video FAQs, Dr. Aubrey de Grey answers common questions about aging.

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Progress Against Aging beta

To determine what progress is being made against aging (reversing aging rather than merely slowing it down; please see the "Aging and How to Defeat It" page for further details), it is necessary to track two initiatives—the Mprize and SENS—that promise to accelerate progress against aging with the goal of eventually defeating aging.

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